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Innovation and ideas management

The objective of Munich Airport’s innovation and ideas management is to enhance customer satisfaction and customer experience through new services and products and to systematically promote innovations in the Group.

Munich Airport uses a cross-divisional trendscouting platform, which allows relevant trends to be identified systematically and analyzed together with experts from the relevant departments. An assessment is derived on this basis regarding their impact on the business activity of Munich Airport and their potential for new products and services. Based on this assessment, a decision is then made as to which ideas to implement.

Munich Airport also operates a Group-wide platform known as the «InnovationPilot», via which all employees can submit suggestions for improvement for internal processes as well as ideas for new offers for customers and passengers. Open campaigns and surveys are also initiated via this platform, which address external stakeholders, too. In 2019, Group employees submitted 511 ideas on topics such as employees, spaces and buildings, technical plants, and vehicles.

Specific ideas that address trends of relevance for Munich Airport culminate in innovation projects, which are implemented jointly with the relevant departments and external partners up to the proof-of-concept stage.

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